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Pablo Nogues - Buenos Aires



• classroom 1 consists of 20 desks and chairs, a whiteboard, markers for whiteboard, dusters for whiteboard, bookcases, a desk for the teacher, a comfortable chair for theteacher, a stereo system, bathroom for the teacher, all in excellent condition.
• classroom 2 is suitable for conferences, seminars or simply workshops for students. It Can be turned into two extensive classrooms. This classroom consists of three whiteboards with their respective markers and dusters, 40 desks and chairs, four large libraries and two bookcases for books and boxes, two desks for the teachers with their respective chairs, over 500 books, dictionaries, and magazines. CDs, DVDs and audio cassettes, a television set, a a DVD player, a high-fi and over 30 games and didactic books, a complete computer with Internet connection and printer. Besides, the classroom counts with a snack area for teachers and students with a cold and hot water fountain, coffee pots, cups and glasses, a freezer-cooler.

•: The office/ classroom consists of an imposing wooden desk , a comfortable chair for the director or secretary, a complete computer with a printer and a telephone land line Internet connection, Wooden shelves for books and boxes and a metal bookcase with 5 extensive shelves, a photocopier in excellent condition, a metal cabinet with 4 drawers and an individual bathroom for the secretary or director make this room a pleasant place to work in.

• Detailed description of our teaching method:
Kinder: --------------- 4 weekly hours
Primary 1 ------------- 4 weekly hours
Primary 2: -------------------------- 7 weekly hours
Primary 3:-------------------------- 7 weekly hours
Primary 4: -------------------------- 7 weekly hours

Elementary courses: 6-year-courses.

Elementary 1: ------------------------ 8 weekly hours
Elementary 2: ------------------------8 weekly hours
Elementary 3: ------------------------ 8 weekly hours
Senior 4: ---------------------------- 8 weekly hours
Senior 5: -----------------------------8 weekly hours
Senior 6: -----------------------------8 weekly hours

All our levels include 2 weekly hours based on the traditional courses of english institutes in Argentina, in which we work with student´s books, activity books, grammar books, etc. The rest of our core curriculum is divided into several Workshops such as Readings, Dictations, Movies and songs, Narrative writing, International Exams, Literature, Descriptions and Phonetics led by argentinian english teachers as a foreign language and English speakers.
Asking price/ precio de venta: U$D 190000

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Localidad: Pablo Nogues Provincia: Buenos Aires